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Des Pieds Sous Ma Table is a French manufacturer of table legs. What a funny idea… By the way, how do you say? Spreadsheet legs? Pedestrians? Pious?
It doesn't matter, and the important thing is that we put all our energy
 into designing and manufacturing feet that are up to the task!

Choose from our range and revamp your furniture and tables in an industrial, Scandinavian or minimalist style.

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71 cm - 86 cm - table leg High Collection

Dining table, desk, console, high table...

Coffee table leg 33 and 41 cm - Medium Collection

Furniture, bench, stool...

Small Furniture Leg - Small Collection

Bed, Sofa, Small TV Cabinet, Low Sideboard, Storage Chest
How to personalize your decor?

Which foot to choose?

  • Table Legs
    TableFor a classic dining table, the height of the legs should be 71cm. For a high table, choose our 86 cm legs.
  • Coffee table leg
    Low tableFor a coffee table, choosing legs with a height of 24 to 41 cm is advisable.
  • furniture leg
    Small FurnitureFor a TV stand or chest of drawers, opt for our 17 or 24 cm legs.
  • Foot of the bed
    BedBed legs usually have a height of 12 to 33 cm. Be sure to measure your box spring.
  • Sofa Leg
    CouchOur 8 or 12 cm legs are perfectly suited for sofa legs.
table leg collection

Our collection of feet made in France

Give your furniture and tables a makeover with our industrial, Scandinavian, loft, metal or wooden legs.

Advantages of the table leg

Add a designer touch to your interior

Nowadays a table leg is no longer limited to its primary function of maintaining stability, it adds a real touch of personality, originality and design to the overall aesthetics of your table. The base must complement the style of your interior with consistency. Remember to consider the functionality of your table, the more frequently it will be used, the more important it will be to choose sturdy and stable table legs. If the table is used more for decorative purposes, it is better to choose designer table legs that add a touch of elegance and sophistication. With Des Pieds Sous Ma Table, find the ideal design table leg for your interior.

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Des Pieds Sous Ma Table sustainable commitment

Feet under my table, represents a sustainable and humane alternative to the current patterns of distribution and transformation of pollutants in the furniture industry. Our ambition, to develop and manufacture design products in France that allow everyone to be able to equip themselves at the right cost while preserving our societal and natural environment.


By choosing Des Pieds Sous Ma Table you are opting for an eco-responsible solution with table legs without any chemical transformation and using solvent-free paints. 

Made in France

We reduce the environmental impact with an eco-responsible production chain. Our feet, of French origin, are made locally, with a short production circuit of less than 200 km.


We minimize the transformation of raw materials to reduce our production costs, our energy consumption and our waste. Our metal is itself recyclable.

Eco designed table leg
Sustainable Development

For each wooden leg, we only use solid wood from sustainably managed forests, solvent-free varnishes and water-based glue.

You too, will succumb to DIY manufacturing!

Design your furniture ou DIY dining table or opt for a process ofupcycling is to ensure you a decoration at low prices with a touch of originality. With our range of feet of table you can divert an object or a piece of furniture from its primary use or make your own decorative objects to your liking. The creative possibilities are limitless, you can change every detail of your furniture according to your inspiration of the moment. You can mix legs of different colors or even use a wooden top and metal legs or vice versa... DIY makes it possible to create a unique creation at low cost.

red table leg

Tips Specific table legs

Express your Creativity

DIY hairdresser creation

Do not hesitate to share with us your DIY creations designed from our collection of table legs and try to win a €100 voucher valid on more than 900 brands. For that nothing could be simpler, go to our Dedicated Contest page

DIY creation ideas